Razzle Dazzle Type System

Razzle Dazzle is a dynamic display typeface inspired by dazzle painting, a ship camouflage used in World War 1. This font is an experimental project meant to investigate illegibility as aesthetic research but also as a functional tool. We developed the typeface with a custom Python script and the Robofab library, and all of the styles have been generated as a combination of RD-Black and various patterns. For each and every style we generated many different variations of individual glyphs and the OpenType features made it possible for us to simulate the continuous variation of the text while typing. Razzle Dazzle Type System is a project by Lorenzo Bravi and Paolo Palma, presented for the first time at Communico 2013 – Lugano, 9 November 2013 dazzletypesystem.github.io