Un sedicesimo

For the Un Sedicesimo publication by Corraini Edizioni, I decided to share one of the exercise developed for the Basic Design course at ISIA Urbino.

Basic Design, exercise n°1:
Utilize any available instrument to produce signs of various nature on white paper sheets. Make an effort to adapt the chosen instruments to unconventional uses. Proceed by spontaneous and free experimentation: do not try to attain a specific mark or even to predict the outcome. Do not exclude any procedure or combination without testing it first. Once the outcome of the exercise manages to capture your attention for no apparent reason, the experience has temporarily fulfilled its goal. Repeat periodically.

This is an exercise that I regularly practice, and this time the unusual medium was an Italian toy called “Crystal Ball”, a rubbery paste that can produce big, colorful bubbles, quite famous during the ’80. The images reproduced on the booklet are the result of crushing these bubbles on white paper. The result is different every time and the process is something that everyone can reproduce.

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Crystal Ball TV spot
Printing process
Exhibition at Libreria 121+ in Milan
The booklet was designed to be also a poster